Friday, June 27, 2014

Carob Avocado Mousse (AIP)

When thinking about avocados, most peoples’ minds go immediately to guacamole or salads. But lately I’ve been reconsidering the uses for avocados, specifically when it comes to desserts. 

 The avocado’s flavor is somewhat ambivalent--it can be used in savory applications, as well as in sweet. It plays off of the flavors of items used with it. Mash avocado with some salt, lemon/lime juice & garlic powder, creating a simple guacamole (which also happens to be one of my staple items these days) Or, blend the avocado with honey, coconut milk & carob/cocoa powder, creating a luscious, “healthier” dessert. Both items (or really any avocado item) can be a little on the rich side, so portions might be smaller than you’d normally think. But due to the higher fat content, you’ll feel more satisfied even with eating less.

Using carob is not something I’ve explored until recently. I’m still following my doctor suggested detox diet, which is basically a more extreme version of the Autoimmune Protocol (commonly referred to as AIP). Both my doctor-suggested-diet and AIP put chocolate on the "avoid" list, hence, no cocoa powder. Enter carob powder, a great alternative to chocolate & cocoa powder. It doesn’t taste *exactly* the same as chocolate--my husband likes to say it has more of a roasted peanut taste--but when you can’t have the original, you settle for the next best substitution.

 The slightly nutty carob paired with the creamy avocado, sweetened with a touch of honey (which I recently had the ok from my doctor to add small amounts into my diet! yay!), and lightened with a little coconut milk to make it a bit more pudding/mousse-like.  A perfect little treat to satisfy my sweet tooth, while still staying within my dietary guidelines & ensuring I won’t regret eating it later.

Carob Avocado Mousse
makes approximately 4 servings 

2 Organic Avocados, ripe but not brown (mine weighed 10.5 oz / 207 g, without pits & skin)
2 Tbl (42 g) Organic Honey (local preferred) 
5 Tbl (30 g) Carob Powder (could sub cocoa powder, if preferred) 
  1. Place all ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor.
  2. Blend on high speed until everything is combined, scraping the sides as necessary. 
  3. Portion into cups & refrigerate a couple hours before serving. 

  • If you're not following an Autoimmune Protocol, feel free to substitute cocoa powder instead of the carob. The carob will give the mousse a slightly more toasted flavor. 
  • The mousse can be frozen for a delicious frozen treat 

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  1. Great recipe! Another way to lighten the mousse (and gain some volume!) it to used whipped coconut cream rather than coconut milk.

    Good luck with AIP!

  2. So i have just made this and mine looks more like a dirty baby nappy lol and not so chocolatey and rich. Any suggestions?

  3. So i have just made this and mine looks more like a dirty baby nappy lol and not so chocolatey and rich. Any suggestions?

  4. Add some instant espresso powder and medjool dates. Try 4 dated and one tablespoon powder.

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  6. Amazing recipe! No need for dairy or chocolate when you've got this recipe, coconut milk and carob powder! Thanks, Laura!

  7. I’m curious how long of a shelf life this would have