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The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle
NOTE: This bundle offer is extremely time sensitive! Act quickly before it’s gone… 
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The Autoimmune Protocol of Paleo (AIP) literally gave me back the life I never thought I’d have again. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Interstitial Cystitis. Not long after that, I was also diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance (most likely celiac, though I can’t do the official gluten challenge test anymore, due to the severity of my reaction), IBS, fibromyalgia/chronic joint & muscle pain, hypothyroidism and other conditions. 

None of those conditions are curable, as of yet. They may never be curable. I was warned by my doctors that I needed to embrace “a new normal,” get use to dealing with symptoms for the rest of my life & plan to depend on medications for the rest of my life. The pain and fatigue were tremendous & I never knew exactly how I might feel from day to day. And to be honest, it was really emotionally challenging to think that life might never get better....

After going the conventional treatment route for a while, and at the convincing of my parents, I decided to try an alternative. I started seeing a holistic doctor in April 2014, who put me on a “detox diet.” Searching for recipes and resources for my “detox diet” is what lead me to find the Autoimmune Protocol of Paleo (AIP) & to discover that what I thought was simply a “detox diet” is so so much more! AIP is a more longterm comittment that uses food and lifestyle factors to manage these health conditions. Plus, there’s an entire online community of other people also following AIP who help provide resources/recipes & act as a support system! 

These days, after more than a year on AIP, I’m in a much better, healthier place. I have experienced tremendous improvements. My symptoms may not be entirely gone & I still have some flare-ups, but the number of good days outweighs the not-so-good days.  I’ve slowly been able to successfully reintroduce some formerly problematic foods. I’ve become a better advocate for myself & more educated on a variety health conditions. I’m finding a balance between the natural & holistic, while still remaining open to conventional medicine options.

I’ve always been a tender-hearted, highly sensitive person. My heart breaks for others who are going through challenging health conditions & who don’t have the hope I have. I want to give everyone with autoimmune conditions (or other chronic health conditions) some AIP paleo kool-aid--or perhaps kombucha would be a better option ;) But many people aren’t open to to the changes AIP requires (there is no 80/20 rule, like with paleo). Or they don’t know where to start. Or they think it will be too difficult to actually implement…. 

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle: e-books

Which brings me to this very special project that Sarah Ballantyne, PhD of “The Paleo Mom”  LINK and her team have compiled: the first ever all Autoimmune Protocol-compliant bundle! I only wish something like this had been available when I was starting my AIP journey. 45 e-books (worth over $500, if purchased individually) and 26 discount codes all for just $39!! WHOA!! But it’s only available through Monday, May 25, 2015. 

Included in The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle are 15 AIP cookbooks and meal plans, including two of my favorites Mickey Trescott’s “The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook” and Bre’anna Emmitt’s “He Won’t Know It’s Paleo,” 15 lifestyle and exercise guides, 15 beyond the basics e-books (which go into more detail about different health conditions & factors), 9 brand new e-books, 26 discount codes for AIP-friendly products/vendors, and a brand new, exclusive e-book "The Best of the Autoimmune Protocol 2015." 

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle: Sweet Potato Flat Bread

I was honored to contribute to “The Best of the Autoimmune Protocol 2015” exclusive-to-this-bundle e-book, which contains over 160 recipes from the best of the autoimmune authors, bloggers & recipe developers. I’m not going to lie, I’m still pinching myself that I was included in such a prestigious group. :) 

I urge you to consider investing in “The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle," whether for yourself or for someone you know dealing with chronic health issues. Or, for those in the hospitality/food and beverage industry, the Paleo & AIP movement is growing tremendously & this bundle is an awesome deal for some great recipe resources, when you find yourself needing to offer clients Paleo and/or AIP options. 

Take advantage of this incredible deal before Monday, May 25th! 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Check In & Chocolate Pots de Creme (Paleo)

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is doing well. My life has been unexpectedly busy lately & I’ve fallen a little behind on my blog posts... And my email.... And my social media!  But I wanted to stop in and tell you guys what’s been going on & tell you about some exciting happenings.

Chocolate Pots de Creme (Paleo)

Chocolate Pots de Crème (Paleo) over on Empowered Sustenance
Lauren over at Empowered Sustenance asked me to guest post on her site, where I am sharing a recipe for Chocolate Pots de Crème and some thoughts on custards & AIP reintroductions (this recipe contains pastured egg yolks & chocolate, both of which I have successfully reintroduced). This recipe is one of my husband’s absolute favorite things I’ve ever made (paleo or not), so I encourage you to go check out that post!

AIP Allergy Card

Allergy Cards for eating out
I posted over on Instagram about these allergy cards I’ve designed to take to restaurants to ease the challenges of eating out while following AIP. While my own cards include info about some extra food sensitivities I personally have, I’m also working on making a generic AIP printable card that you all could use for eating out too. While using these cards don’t mean that AIP eating out will be problem free, but it does make communicating with restaurant staff much easier. Watch for that post coming soon!

My AIP-iversary 
Last week, I marked my first anniversary of following the Autoimmune Protocol.  Prior to following AIP, I was following a reduced gluten, low acid, standard American diet, and I was on various medications, but still not seeing all my symptoms go away....  A new doctor I had begun seeing suggested I make dietary changes similar to AIP (only eliminating a few further items than AIP has one omit). I committed right then and there. Truthfully, I did not fully understand the changes I was making or that they’d be longterm--I foolishly thought it would be a 6 week stint & then I’d go back to things as they’d been. HA! While my life is far from perfect now, it is so so so much better than it was a year ago!

(left) Texas Blue Bonnets blooming in early April; (right) South Carolina Dogwood during our Easter Trip  

My schedule has included much traveling as of late. We went to visit family in SC at the beginning of April. I’ve added acupuncture in to my care plan, as well as a new functional medicine doctor, so there have been weekly car trips to and from the city. Now, I’m back in North Dakota for a bit to spend time with my parents & other extended family.

(left) Tulaby Lake, MN; (right) taking a walk with my Mom and Mollie-dog 
As always, if you’d like to see what I’m up to on a day-to-day basis, follow me on Instagram. I’ll be back next week with a new post!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

When I spotted fresh rhubarb in the produce section on my grocery trip last week, my mouth started watering. Rhubarb remains one of my all-time favorite flavors. Two years ago, I posted a recipe for a gluten free strawberry rhubarb crumble, but the food I eat is more than a little different these days. I thought it would be nice to re-visit that recipe & adjust the ingredients make it AIP, paleo, and even vegan! This crumble makes a great spring time dessert & would be a fantastic addition to an Easter menu. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

One of the joys (and sometimes struggles) of making AIP recipes is experimenting with new-to-me ingredients. This recipe was my first time baking with tiger nuts--I used tiger nut flour --which became the basis of the crumble topping, replacing the almond flour I used two years ago. At first glance, tiger nuts may not seem to be AIP, since nuts are officially out on the elimination process of the protocol, but tiger nuts are actually tubers/starchy vegetables, not nuts. Tiger nuts can be purchased both in their whole stage and ground as flour. I have to say I’m more of a fan of the flour & I foresee many future experiments with it! The flavor, once baked is slightly sweet & toasty-nutty, and I could have sworn I tasted a little vanilla, even though this recipe doesn’t contain a drop! (If you want to read more about tiger nuts, check out this post.)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

While this crumble could be made for a crowd by baking the entire recipe in one large baking dish, I once again went the route of making individual crumbles. Regular dessert & treat consumption should not be a normal, every-day occurrence. A treat should be just that, a treat! Even though I have not consumed “regular” sugar in almost a year, I still have trouble with willpower around sweets. By making the crumbles individual, I resist the temptation to make my portion “just a little bigger” or eat “just a little more.” I very specifically used 4 oz freezer safe mason jars so that I can freeze the leftovers, thus once again removing further overeating temptation.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Also, how handy that the jars come with lids, making this an easily transportable dessert!  Add a spoon & they’re good for go. As we travel for the upcoming Easter holiday, I’ll be surrounded by non-AIP food, which still can be a bit tempting at times. But I’ll be prepared by freezing one or two of these crisps & bringing them along in a cooler. I’ll have my own tasty dessert without any detrimental side effects :)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumbles (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble (AIP, Paleo & Vegan) 
Yields 4 - 6 servings, depending on jars 

For the crumble topping
2 T  Arrowroot 
Pinch Sea Salt
1 T Grade B Maple Syrup
2 T Coconut Oil, melted 

For the filling
1.5 c hulled & sliced strawberries
1.5 c sliced Rhubarb
2 T Maple Sugar (note: can sub more maple syrup, but filling will be more liquid-y)
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. 
  2. FOR THE TOPPING: Mix together all ingredients with a fork until well combined & crumbly. Reserve in the refrigerator until ready to assemble.
  3. FOR THE FILLING: combine the sliced strawberries & rhubarb. Drizzle the maple syrup over the fruit. Add the arrowroot starch. Mix to combine. 
  4. ASSEMBLE: Sprinkle 1 1/2 tsp of topping into the bottom of a small ramekin or mason jar. Add a heaping 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup portion of the strawberry-rhubarb filling. Press down the fruit slightly to compress. Spoon two tablespoons of topping over the fruit. 
  5. Place the crumbles onto a rimmed pan. Pour water into the pan, making a water bath to protect the containers during the baking process. 
  6. Bake for 45 minutes, or until the topping is golden & the fruit is bubbly. 
  7. Cool slightly before serving. Refrigerate or freeze any leftovers. 
  • To make the recipe coconut-free, substitute another fat of choice for the coconut oil
  • If you really like crumble topping, plan to double the topping recipe--it's addictively delicious! 
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bacon Maple Salmon & "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)

Bacon Maple Salmon & "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)

Full disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in e-book format, but I liked it so much that I’ve already purchased a print copy for my mom to use in her AIP journey. This post may also contain affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small amount of compensation for any items purchased via those links. All opinions are my own & I wouldn’t recommend a book or product I didn’t personally use or love. 
I’ve also been given an extra copy of the e-book to give to one of my readers! 
Check the bottom of the post for additional details. 

UPDATE: the giveaway is now CLOSED! Thanks to all who entered :)

The past week, I’ve felt a bit like Julie from Julie & Julia, the woman who cooked her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Now, I didn’t cook my way through an entire cookbook, but I did spend nearly a week making most all of our meals from the newest AIP Cookbook He Won't Know It's Paleo by Bre’anna Emmitt. I don’t normally cook as much from cookbooks or recipes anymore. I often am developing my own recipes & just winging it & hopping for the best (note: this winging it technique really does *not* work for AIP baked goods.... Trust me, I’ve tried...). But it was very refreshing to have all the recipes done for me. 

I “know” Bre’anna through social media interactions & I’ve been excitedly awaiting this cookbook. It absolutely did not disappoint! The e-book itself is beautiful. As I sat down with my iPad and a notebook to mark which recipes I wanted to make & develop a meal plan/grocery list, I had a really hard time narrowing down what to recipes to make because everything looked so tasty! I appreciate how approachable all of the recipes are. They use a variety of ingredients that are both very tasty & good for you, but they aren’t too fussy or complex. And there’s enough diversity that a person isn’t constantly relying on the same proteins or veggies. One note, we did find the portion sizes/recipe yields on a few of the recipes to be a bit small, but that could also be because we tend to eat a pretty high volume of food these days.

As a whole, I definitely believe this book lives up to its name. All the recipes we tried could definitely be served to non-AIP/Paleo people and I don’t think they would feel deprived at all! We certainly weren’t.  Here’s what we ate: 

Mexican Night + "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Dinner 1
Nightshade free red salsa
Stacked Chicken Enchiladas Verdes 

I’ve been sorely missing salsa & Mexican foods. I really didn’t think I’d ever be able to eat salsa again (nightshades and I are really, really not friends...) While we enjoyed both the queso & the salsa, the salsa was the big star! I was almost immediately lamenting the fact that I didn’t have ingredients to make a second batch, since we, you know, ate almost the entire batch in one sitting (oops!).   We also liked the enchiladas with the salsa on top. I thought there was very little chance I would ever be able to eat anything remotely resembling Mexican food, so I’m greatly thankful to Bre’anna for developing these genius recipes.

Stuffed Mushrooms, Bacon Sauteed Asparagus, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)

Stuffed Mushrooms, Bacon Sauteed Asparagus, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Dinner 2
Stuffed Mushrooms
Bacon sautéed Asparagus
Peach braised short ribs/beef shanks

I was not prepared for how wonderful the mushrooms were! Delicious! They’d be a great item to take to a party. Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies & paring it with bacon is a terrific match. Loved the peach braising liquid too--such a nice break from the braises I’ve done with either wine or broth. Peach added a nice tang. I did have to make a couple substitutions in this recipe: I used beef shanks in place of the short ribs because I couldn’t find grass-fed short ribs. I also don’t have a working crock pot at the moment, so I used a Le Creuset dutch oven & baked the entire mixture at 300 for 4 hours, which may have been a bit much as they all fell a part. At least that meant they were very tender. Next time, I’ll bake them for a little less time. Also, the leftovers were fantastic! 

Chicken Salad w/ Egg-free Mayo, & "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Lunch 1
Chicken Salad using Egg-free Mayo

While the book does include a chicken salad recipe, I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Instead, I made my own version, still inspired by Bre’anna’s recipe, using her egg-free mayo recipe, plus diced apple, celery, scallions, and apple juice sweetened craisins. Mayo is a hard condiment to replicate, especially when eggs are not allowed, but I think her egg-free recipe comes as close as one can get while still remaining fully AIP compliant. 

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes, Bacon & Cranberry Brussels Sprouts, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes, Bacon & Cranberry Brussels Sprouts, Maple Bacon Salmon,  "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Dinner 3
Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Cranberries
Maple Bacon Salmon

The salmon was fantastic! Technically, it comes from the “breakfast” category of the book, but we loved it for dinner too. I usually roast brussels & was a bit skeptical about sautéing them, but they turned out great too. I found apple juice sweetened cranberries at Whole Foods last fall & used them in the recipe. I tried using three different varieties of sweet potatoes in the scalloped sweet, but may just stick to white ones in the future. My husband saw the spread of all the food when I was photographing it and he was like “oh wow! Do we get to eat this for dinner tonight?” We also enjoyed eating the leftovers for future meals. 

Tropical Green Smoothie, Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Potato Hash Browns,"He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Tropical Green Smoothie
Breakfast Sausage
Sweet Potato Hash Browns (we used Hannah variety white sweet potatoes) 

My husband and I prepared this brunch feast together on a Saturday morning. It was nice to mix it up from our normal routine of breakfast hash. Ironically, I’d never made sausage before, but it was so easy (and tasty) that I foresee making it often in the future. To ensure we got some veggies & fruit with our meat and carbs, we split some of the tropical green smoothie. It was a well balanced, satisfying, tasty brunch that fueled us through until much later in the day. 

Red Wine & Shallot Bison Burgers, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Dinner 4
Red Wine & Shallot Bison Burgers

On Saturday nights, we’ve developed a tradition of cooking dinner together & renting a movie to watch as a sort of pseudo “date-night.” These bison burgers were perfect date-night food. Their hint of red wine flavor made them feel more special than a regular burger. I toped them with shallots that I fried in palm oil & a simple arugula salad. We ate dinner off our fine china, just for fun :) Husband indulged in a glass of red wine with his meal (hey, the bottle was already open from making the burgers), and I chose a glass of blood orange kombucha. 

While we loved all the meals from this book, we also really, really loved the treats! My will power around treats has vastly improved since going AIP last spring, but I do know that I shouldn’t make so many treats in such a short amount of time because I am very likely going to eat more of them than I ought to :) But that is also a testament to their deliciousness.

Blackberry Cobbler, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Blackberry Cobbler

The cobbler was a great not-too-sweet dessert that still really satisfied.  I did use frozen berries, so it was perhaps a bit juicier, but still fantastic. I even ate some leftover cobbler for breakfast the following day.... Would love to use the cobbler topping with a variety of other in-season fruits too? Especially peaches.

Snickerdoodles, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)

I loooove snickerdoodles & all my self-control leaves around them (especially since they are bite sized). They were a little soft the first day, but were much more firm the following morning. Definitely a keeper recipe.

Banana Bread, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
 Banana Bread Bars with Dairy-Free Butter: 

Loved the concept of baking in the 9x13 pan & cutting into “slices.” Genius! Also, this recipe does not rely on gelatin eggs, making it also a good vegan recipe too. The only draw back to the 9x13 pan is that there are not as many servings. Oh well, next time, I’ll make a double batch! I grew up eating banana bread spread with margarine, so I couldn’t resist spreading a little dairy-free butter on top of one slice, though honestly, I probably prefer the bread on it’s own.

Coconut Cream Pie, "He Won't Know It's Paleo" review + Giveaway (AIP & Paleo)
Coconut Cream Pie with Graham Pie Crust

This is probably my favorite AIP dessert recipe of anything that I’ve tried! It tasted so NORMAL--very similar to regular coconut cream pie. The filling was positively AMAZING!! I had some leftover that didn’t fit in my pie shell & I kept sneaking bites of it out of the refrigerator. I topped ours with my coconut whipped cream & a sprinkle of toasted coconut. I fully intend to make this pie again for our anniversary in May, where in remembrance of our coconut wedding cake, we always eat coconut desserts :) 

Bre’anna has graciously allowed me to share the Bacon Maple Salmon recipe & she’s also given me a copy of the e-book for one my readers. To enter the giveaway, simply like Sweet Treats on Facebook and my Instagram feed & leave a comment on this post. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 30th! May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Bacon Maple Salmon
re-published, with permission, from He Won't Know It's Paleo
Yield: 4 servings

4 salmon filets
2 Tbl Maple Syrup
2 Tbl Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 tsp Dried Rubbed Sage 
4 slices bacon, each torn into two pieces 
  1. The night before serving, place salmon filets, maple syrup, and balsamic vinegar in a sealed container in the refrigerator to marinate. Gently shake to mix liquid and coat salmon.  
  2. In the morning, preheat the oven to 425 F. Grease or line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  3. Arrange the salmon filets on a baking sheet. if not marinated, Mix the balsamic vinegar and maple syrup in a small dish. Brush or drizzle onto the salmon filets. 
  4. Lay two halves of bacon slices lengthwise on top of each fillet. Sprinkle all the filets evenly with the sage. 
  5. Place the baking sheet in the third of the oven closest to the heat sources and bake for 15 minutes until the center of the salmon is flaky and opaque. Serve hot. 

Notes from Laura:
  • Use wild-caught salmon whenever possible
  • Use Grade B, real maple syrup, NOT pancake syrup
  • I substituted fresh sage because I didn’t have dried
  • Because I made the salmon for dinner instead of breakfast, I started the marinating the process mid-morning. 

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Medjool dates are an absolute staple in our house. Not because I love them so much but because my husband is such a big fan. He’ll eat multiple dates most days & every grocery run I make includes a couple packages of dates from the produce department. While I do think dates can be quite tasty & a great more natural sweetener, I’m not the biggest fan of just eating one outright the way husband does. I’d rather put them in things or pair them with other ingredients. 

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Because we don’t go out to eat much these days, I make a more special meal/dessert/appetizer every so often, which is how I started making these wrapped dates. We’ve enjoyed them on multiple occasions as an appetizer accompanied by a glass of kombucha tea (or maybe a glass of wine for him) and a rented movie. The perfect date night in. (Ha! So punny!)

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)
Bacon on the left side of the dish/prosciutto on the right

But now we’re in a bit of a conundrum: Husband prefers the dates wrapped in bacon, then baked & I prefer prosciutto. Luckily, both are quite easy to make & it’s not difficult at all to wrap some dates with bacon for him and some with prosciutto for me.  Really, both options have their merits: the bacon gets a little more chewy & greasy, while the prosciutto gets a little more crispy & salty. Both options soften the date nicely & the sweet pairs deliciously with the savory. 

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

Bacon & Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (AIP)

So, which do you prefer? Bacon or Prosciutto? And it won’t hurt my feelings one bit if you side with my husband and choose bacon ;)

Wrapped Dates
yields 8 pieces 

I’ve written this formula into an actual recipe format, but you just need to remember this concept: half a piece of bacon or prosciutto per date. And you can make as many as you want! Make just a couple for an individual snack or a whole tray for a larger group.  

8 Medjool Dates, pitted
4 slices of bacon or prosciutto (or 2 of each) NOTE: make sure they do not contain nightshades or other non-AIP ingredients!

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. 
  2. Use a knife to carefully pit the dates, just cutting into one side to remove the pit. 
  3. Cut the bacon and/or prosciutto in half (see photo above) 
  4. Roll the bacon/prosciutto around the date & place into a small baking dish or a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Add toothpicks, if desired. 
  5. Bake in the preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the bacon/prosciutto is golden & crispy. Cool a few minutes & serve immediately. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

One day, as I was eating my way through a bag of plantain chips (one of my very favorite AIP snacks), I was inspired by all the crumbs that are inevitably found at the bottom of the bag. Why not crush lots of plantain chips & use them to coat chicken pieces?!? My husband grew up on shake-and-bake, so I knew he’d be on board with the idea, especially if I added a few tasty seasonings to the crushed chips. This recipe just might be in both our lists of favorite AIP main dish options.

Most fried chicken recipes involve dipping the chicken pieces first in either an egg or milk-based mixture and then dipping it in a breading mixture. But, since neither eggs nor dairy work with AIP, I took a gamble and instead just coated the chicken pieces lightly in avocado oil before gently pressing in the plantain chip crumbs. I also took the easier route & baked the chicken instead of messing with deep frying. By baking the chicken at a high temperature on top of a rack (on a baking sheet), the entire crust is able to stay nice and crispy. Not quite as crispy as deep fried chicken, but still oh so delicious & satisfying. Since I first concocted this recipe earlier in February, we’ve eaten it almost every week! And I don’t see it leaving our meal rotation anytime soon.

Plantain Chip Chicken (AIP & Paleo)

Plantain chip crusted chicken
Yields 2-4 servings, depending on appetite  

One 4 oz package Plantain Chips (make sure the ingredients are just plantains, palm oil, and salt) 
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp sea salt

1 Tbl Oil (I used avocado , but olive would also work)
between 1.25 and 1.5 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs

  1. Preheat the oven to 450 F. Place a cooling rack in a rimmed baking sheet. 
  2. Pulverize the plantain chips, garlic, onion & salt in a food processor until the chips are crumbs. 
  3. Lightly coat the chicken pieces in the oil. Coat with the plantain crumb mixture & place onto the prepared rack.  Sprinkle any remaining crumbs over the chicken, or discard them. 
  4. Bake in the preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted into the biggest chicken piece reads 165 F. If they do not seem crispy enough for your preferences, place the pan under the broiler for 1 to 2 minutes right before serving.
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