Friday, October 30, 2009

Apple Strudel Class

While I was back in Grand Forks, I taught a Hand Stretched Austrian Apple Strudel Class at the UND Wellness Center Culinary Corner. It was a BLAST! I had forgotten how much I really enjoy teaching classes like that..... And I think everyone really enjoyed it too!

This was also the first class my parents were able to attend. Thanks Dad for taking pictures!

My Mom and friend Kelli helped me prep for the class.

As is visible from the pictures, I taught in my full culinary uniform, so that the participants could see what I wear while in school.

Demonstrating how to weigh eggs....

It was one of the largest classes I've ever taught, but I really didn't even notice.... And I also knew several of the participants, but that didn't seem to make me nervous either.

What I was a bit nervous about was the stretching process, because I do not have tons of experience... Overall, though, we got it stretched pretty well (friend Kelli helped me, once again)

Spattering the butter over the stretched strudel

Then, of course, one of the most important part of the class is the serving......

....and the eating!!

Thanks so much again to the UND Wellness Center Culinary Corner and Karina Wittmann for allowing me this opportunity! I hope to be able to teach other classes when I'm back in the future! Thank you also to all the participants and to my parents and friend Kelli for all their help. And I must not forget to thank my kitchen assistant Gray as well. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Laura, it was so much fun to be there and do what I could to help my wonderful friend! :) Come back again soon and I'll stretch any pastry you throw at me, promise! :)
    Love, Kelli