Saturday, March 6, 2010

A celebratory dinner at McCrady's!

lThis past Friday, while my parents were visiting and after I unexpectedly won the honey competition, we went to McCrady's restaurant in downtown Charleston for dinner.

I've been hearing wonderful things about McCrady's ever since I moved here, but I had not had a chance to dine there.  Like nearly all decent restaurants in Charleston, it is a bit pricy, but completely worth it!  Especially since we were celebrating :)

We decided to do the Chef's Tasting Menu so that we could try a little bit of everything.  The menu consists of seven "tasting" courses that are predetermined by the chef.  You can choose to do the Sommelier's wine pairing with each course, but we opted out of that and just had a single glass of wine..... Well, my dad and I did that....  My mom doesn't like wine (or really any alcohol for that matter....)

And the tasting menu includes TWO desserts!  What's not to love about two desserts!

first course: Smoked Ikura Roe with Horseradish, Crispy Bread & Apple

This was the only course that was completely out of our comfort zone....  
I don't think any of us had ever eaten roe before!

second course: Flounder with Grapefruit, Black Truffle & Sweet Potato

third course: Lobster Legs & Foie Gras, Parsnip & Sour Cherries

fourth course: Pork, Black garlic, Molasses, Turnip

fifth course: Beef, Tamarind, Peanut, Coconut Rice

I'm not really a beef eater....  So I'm pretty proud to say that I did eat one bite of the tenderloin.  
But the rest I gave to my dad who happily welcomed it. 

sixth course: "Banana Puddin"

Although everything we ate was delicious, I think this may have been my favorite....  
Banana Pudding is so classically Southern, but this dish takes it to a whole new level.  

seventh course: Soft Chocolate with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Hazelnuts
Perfect way to end a meal..... Chocolate & Mint!  mmmmm yummy! 

The tasting menu changes often (although I'm not entirely sure how often), but I'd most assuredly recommend it, especially if it's your first time at McCradys.  Next visit I may choose to order off the regular menu, just to see what those dishes are like.

We had superior service during our visit.  With so many many courses, we definitely pulled our weight in silverware, haha!

Aside from the delicious food and great service, there are several other aspects of McCrady's that I really enjoy.  One is their philosophy about the food they serve.  They strive to use as many sustainable, local, in-season, products as possible.  Another aspect is the historical significance of their building, which is a part of the National Register of Historic Places & Landmarks.  The original building was built in 1788 as a "Georgian manse."  1788!  Isn't that amazing!  The building was restored in 1982 & now holds the restaurant.  One final aspect I enjoy is their quiet excellence.  So many restaurants around the Charleston area are so flashy..... not so with McCradys (or at least as much as I've seen).  They exude greatness without having a flamboyant exterior like many of the other downtown tourist-y restaurants.

I hope to return for another dining experience in the future and encourage anyone who is in the area to visit this restaurant as well.  I made our reservations on Open Table (which also is a great site!) and would encourage any potential diners to make reservations prior to visiting.

McCradys: inventive cuisine fresh from the farm
2 Unity Alley
Charleston, SC 29401

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  1. Sounds exquisite. I'll be going here when I visit someday!