Friday, June 4, 2010

France update

Hello from the sunny south of France!  I'm currently using McDo internet in the Marseille train station as we travel from Nice to Dijon.  I've meant to post much more often, but free wifi that my computer will actually connect to has been difficult to find.  I'd also hoped to post more pictures, but unfortunately the internet connection is insanely slow :(

But I have been eating some fun dessert items!  Most notably, in Nice we found this amazing "maitre glacier" (master ice cream maker) called Fenocchio who boasts 96 flavors!  We made it our mission, between the three of us (our third traveling companion, Laura T, joined us last Sunday night in Paris) to try as many flavors as possible!  We made it to over 20 flavors in just over 24 hours by each getting something different each time and sharing tastes of each others.  In fact, the ice cream was so delicious, my camera decided to have a taste (aka, my cone dripped).

Anyway, we're off to get our connection!  More later!

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