Friday, October 15, 2010

"L" is for "Laminated Dough"

Where has October gone?  In fact, where has the Fall semester gone?  I've been so busy with teaching (and loving it) that I haven't done as much personal recipe testing.  Well, I have been doing some, but it's for a very special surprise....  I'm the featured chef November chef for a new Charleston underground supperclub: L.I.M.E.  Everything I'm doing for L.I.M.E. is a secret (for now), but I will reveal more as the date gets closer.

In the mean time, I have been very privileged to observe and assist in the "Laminated Doughs & Breakfast Pastries" course this semester.  Laminated doughs and viennoisserie are probably my favorite area study, probably due to the fact that it is the meeting between baking and pastry.  It requires a great deal of time, patience and attention to detail.  Currently, I'm slated to teach the course next semester!  Hurray!  So, here are a few images of things done in class as I observe in preparation for next semester.

Some of the product has been made by Chef Jeff Alexander, some by the students, and a bit done by yours truly as well! It's been a fun change to have time to concentrate on setting up great shots in class, instead of hurriedly snapping photos in between presenting product and hurrying to clean up the classroom.  Thanks to Chef Jeff and all the talented students for allowing me be a part of their class and to photograph their product. 

Puff Pastry, Diplomat Cream, Glaze with chocolate striping.  
Product by Chef Jeff Alexander

Blueberry Chaussons
Puff pastry, blueberry filling
Product by Chef Jeff Alexander

Tart Tatin
Puff Pastry, Caramel, & Apples
Product by Chef Jeff Alexander

Pain au Chocolat
Croissant Dough, chocolate batons, chocolate striping, confectioner's sugar. 
Product by Chef Jeff Alexander

Just look at the gorgeous lamination! Every layer is visible!

Student piping work on Pain au chocolat
Product by D

Loooove the piping!

Apricot Raisin Scrolls (top) Banana Coconut Cream (middle) Pistachio Cherry (bottom)
Product by various students.
All delicious, but I do have a particular fondness for Apricot Raisin Scrolls.... 

A happy accident done by "k." She forgot to add the garnish prior to baking, so we added a stripe of pistachio flour in lieu of an actual pistachio.  Beautiful variation! 

Sourdough Rye Croissant
Sourdough Rye starter, rye flour, carroway seeds, plugra
by Me!

These were a side project that I concocted with the assistance of Chef Jeff.  Wow! They are tasty!

I may never be able to re-produce them, due to the nature of the starter, but they are mighty delicious.  I think they'd make a really killer hot ruben sandwich.

Or they're also good all by themselves!

Stay tuned for more images from my classes and for more LIME sneak peeks! 


  1. Congrats for the new position! I could see how much you enjoy being part of this...

    And these are wonderful pictures... and seems like a great class...

    Good luck and look forward to hearing much more about your teaching :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,

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  3. Nice work with the blog photos look awesome!