Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Almost Instant Sangria

Most of the time, I’m the sort of person who likes to have all her ducks in a row.  Likes to have everything planned out (and possibly with back ups, just in case the first doesn’t go as planned).  I don’t like many surprises (thought if you want to surprise me with fresh flowers, I’ll never complain!).

But there’s something about summer time & spontaneity.

The past couple of weekends, we’ve had somewhat spur-of-the-moment get togethers with friends. Dinners. Brunch. Pool time.  It’s been wonderful!

Sometimes it is refreshing to not have concrete plans, (or rather to not obsess over the details).

Many summer recipes are suitable to spontaneous entertaining. Others may require a some additional forethought.  Traditional sangria requires fruit to be macerated for hours before serving. This recipe for sangria is different--it’s one you can make almost instantly! And it only requires two ingredients, plus ice.  Garnish is optional (though I do love a good garnish).

Chilled red wine is mixed with cold blood orange soda.  Ice is added.  Optional orange slices are used for garnish.  And voila! Almost instant sangria.

Want a little more “kick” to your sangria?  Add a little orange liqueur.  Prefer a little less alcohol? Use more soda.  Love the macerated fruit aspect of sangria? Add the fruit to the wine & let it sit as long as your schedule allows before adding the soda.  Need only one glass? Or a whole pitcher? It’s easy to scale the recipe to be for one or a crowd.

Just because summer plans can be spontaneous, it does not mean those impromptu gatherings (or even just a regular day) cannot include sangria!  Cheers!

Almost Instant Sangria
adjust ratio to taste... Most of the time, I don’t even measure--I just eyeball it!  If you want the sangia to have more “kick” add some additional orange liqueur.  

Single Serving 
1/2 c (4 fl oz) chilled Red Wine {I used a cheap-ish Malbec} 
3/4 c (6 fl oz) chilled Blood Orange Soda {I used San Pellegrino’s Blood Orange Soda} 
Orange Slices (optional)  

  1. In a glass, stir together the wine & soda.  
  2. Add ice & optional orange slices. 
  3. Enjoy immediately.   

For a Pitcher
1 bottle Chilled Red Wine
4 2/3 c (37.5 fl oz) Blood Orange Soda {a little more than 3 cans of San Pellegrino) 


  1. Great post Laura! I must try your recipe! Perfect for the cottage! Your pics are stunning! Love the tin backsplash too!!

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