Sunday, November 15, 2009

Krispy Kreme doesn't have anything on these.....

Doesn't your mouth water already? 

This past Friday was Doughnut Day in my Laminated Dough and Pastries. We made Apple Fritters, Glazed Doughnuts, and Cinnamon Twists.

And oh my goodness, what yummy confections they were!! Krispy Kreme didn't have anything on these! I know I've said this before about product we've made in this class, but honestly, these were the best doughnuts ever!

Sheeting the Dough; Assembling Apple Fritters. 

For all the baking I've done, I've never actually deep fried anything!  It was a bit nerve-wracking to fry at first, because I was so scared about burning the fritters/doughnuts or about not keeping the oil hot enough to actually fry the doughnuts.....  Not to mention the potential of burning myself....

Frying a fritter; Glazing a fritter in honey glaze

But since this experience, I've now become more confident in frying... It isn't a scary as it may seem.... no doughnuts were marred in the experience and I didn't suffer any harm. I think I could tackle it at home as well!

Fresh doughnuts, just begging for a cup of coffee! 

Chef gave us some pointers about frying. Always keep your oil around 365 F. Depending on the the number of items you want to fry at a time and the temperature of the items, you might want to have the oil temp slightly higher prior to frying to allow the temp to always stay above 365 F.

I really do not want to admit how many of these awesome doughnuts I've consumed since Friday..... A. was here this weekend, so I knew we'd both enjoy them.... I've never seen A. get quite so excited about something I've baked!

I really did plan to give some of them away, but they seemed to disappear into our stomachs too fast.....  So addicting! Besides, doughnuts really taste the best when they're warm and the glaze is still drippy :)

There's really nothing like a fresh doughnut. 

My fear of frying is now conquered and I'm certain I'll make these again.....  My head is already spinning with all the potential flavor combinations.....

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