Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Breakfast!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year Thanksgiving is very different for me.  It's the first major holiday since I moved down South, and so I do feel a bit weird not being at home with my family. I could have gone, but I had such a terrible time getting back in October and I do start Finals next week.  So, I decided to stay and am subsequently in Columbia for a few days.  A has to work today, so we'll be eating dinner this evening.

Even though I'm missing my family today and all our normal traditions, I'm still very very happy to have started this chapter in my life and to be in pastry school finally. I'm so thankful this semester has gone so well and that I am able to spend Thanksgiving with A :)

One tradition my family does nearly every major holiday (like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter) is to have a family breakfast, which usually consists of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, cut up fruit and some sort of egg dish.  I wanted to continue that same tradition, even though I'm far away, only kick it up a notch.  No more Pillsbury Rolls ever!

No offense, but I've learned to make some pretty incredible stuff while in school.  Now that my tongue has tasted the good stuff, it's hard to go back.....  So, we had New England-style Sticky Buns, some with pecans, some with raisins, some with craisins, and some mixed.  I made them in class a couple weeks ago and froze a few to save just for Thanksgiving.

We also had some organic orange slices, some Chocolate Brownie Drunken Strawberry Almond Brioche (which I'll be writing a post about soon..... I meant to do it last week but ran out of time), and some Earl Grey Tea, subsequently my favorite tea.

Ironically, my family didn't do their traditional breakfast this morning.  (I know, I gasped too!)  But since the feast of the day was to be hosted at their house for a change, I guess they've decided to switch it to another day.   Nevertheless, A and I had a great breakfast!

And now I'm preparing for our grand dinner later.  Let's just hope I don't screw up the turkey...... I've never made one before and my cooking skills are not nearly in the same realm as my baking ones. I'm almost wishing we were doing thanksgiving sushi like some friends of mine are doing....   At least the pies I've made will be good :)

Tomorrow is Daring Baker's November challenge reveal day!  And then after that will be a full re-cap of our Thanksgiving Feast.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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