Thursday, November 5, 2009

When life gives you key lime curd....

I really really hate waste, a fact that just might come from the fact that I'm also a pack rat.  I especially hate throwing away food.  I always feel like I'm throwing away my money (and hard work).

I've been tweeking a key lime curd recipe to use in my practical final for "Intro to Cakes" so I've had several batches of curd in my refrigerator, most of which have gone bad before I've had a chance to think of something to do with them...

While searching in my mess-of-a-freezer for bread to have with my dinner, I discovered some shortcrust dough from earlier this fall. And inspiration struck!  Why not make a tart shell and fill it with some of the curd!

And why not bake the tart shell in my toaster oven because it was already pre-heated and cooking my dinner.   Voila, Key Lime Curd Tart!

getting ready to eat my tart while watching a "Grey's Anatomy" marathon

Alas, the crust got a little darker than I originally wanted (a little over "caramelized").... so I'm thinking that perhaps the toaster oven doesn't heat quite as evenly as I originally thought.  Still tasty though!

I like making smaller, individual desserts because I'm quite often creating for just myself. And I have almost zero willpower and an insatiable sweet tooth.

Because this curd recipe was modified to be paired with a very sweet coconut cake, it's a very tangy (aka tart) curd.  Almost too tart.  I did contemplate adding whipped cream or meringue, but.... I didn't this time.  Perhaps in the future.

For one of the few times in my life, I actually could not finish the entire dessert!

I'll include recipes tomorrow....  I need to find them on my other computer....

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